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Containment Protection of < 1µg/m3

The Process Pack Off Heads are designed to offer a basic form of primary dust containment when off-loading and packing off product in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

  • Outward inflating head

    Outward inflating head

  • Continuous liner close up

    Continuous liner close up

Pack Off Heads

Process Pack Off Heads

Outward Inflating Head - forms a clean and dust tight seal within the open mouth or inner surface of either a continuous liner or single liner within customers’ containers.

Downward Inflating Head - the membrane inflates downwards to form a seal against the top of unlined drums or inlet rim of IBCs.

Inward Inflating Head - ensuring a clean dust tight seal as the liner (normally continuous) is compressed against the feed tube so there is no product contact with the FDA approved natural rubber seal.

Design Advantages

Containment Level

< 1µg/m3

Air Classification


Design Advantages

  • Guaranteed Containment Levels
  • Available in a wide range of materials - solvent compatible
  • FDA approved seals
  • cGMP design throughout - minimum of ledges, easy clean surfaces
  • Hazardous Area controls (UL and Atex approved)
  • N2 Purge
  • CIP Cap
  • In-line sampling
  • Support Frames
  • Weighing Systems
Pack Off Systems
Pack Off Systems
Pack Off Systems

Secondary Containment Solutions

Continuous Liner Discharge

On disconnection of any make and break connection “sealing head inflate/deflate” the issue of powder discharge from the upstream process chute into the atmosphere becomes a contamination issue not only for the operator and surrounding environment but also for the product. By forming a continuous flexible barrier between the process and the surrounding environment this can be prevented.

Horizontal Laminar flow booths

A “once through” even laminar airflow is pulled uniformly across the work area to the rear plenum, extracting any airborne particulate away from the operator and into the fan/filter unit or to the clients own dust collection or scrubbing system.

All units are designed specifically for the application, and are supplied with a fan and motor system, suitably zoned for the application area.

A fully welded stainless steel construction; they can also incorporate weighing and control systems as required.

Containment levels achievable of between 1-20µg/m3.

X-Flow Booths

A unique design of crossflow or “side to side” airflow removes any airborne particulate away from the operators breathing zone. Air is introduced from one of the side plenums at a constant velocity and is then exhausted at the opposite side, passing through fine dust and Hepa filters before being recirculated back into the booth.

Pack Off Isolators (For Process Offloading)

Single chamber fully welded 316L stainless steel construction.

  • Inflating Sealing Head complete with Continuous Liner off-load facility
  • Nitrogen purge facility
  • Internally mounted Gore-tex PTFE filter
  • Negative pressure regime between chamber and atmosphere to ensure all potential contamination is contained within
  • Glove ports and Hypalon gauntlets to aid operator interface and reduce fatigue
  • System integrated weighing/filling system
  • CIP system achieving 100% coverage with the use of rotating spray balls and hand held spray lance
  • In-flight Product Sampler
  • OEL<1 microgram/m3

Customer Support

Customer Support

Our planned maintenance and re-certification package provides a scheduled visit to undertake a full range of testing to industry standards.

Service UK: +44 01484 354 499

Service Americas: +1 608-747-2482

Spare Parts Americas: +1 608-747-2475

Special Features

Special Features

Integrated exhaust complete with modulating exhaust valve. This valve provides a low rate of exhaust during filling (displaces air removal only) and a high rate of extraction when the seal is deflating capturing airborne material and assisting in operator necking and tying the liner.

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