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Providing operator protection to 1µg/m3, FlexiPharm is a new innovative product forming part of our initiative to offer a cost effective containment solution while maintaining the high standards required within the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Push-push exhaust filter safe change

    Push-push exhaust filter safe change

  • Push-push exhaust filter safe change

    Push-push exhaust filter safe change

  • Material Access Port

    Material Access Port




Available with 2, 3 or 4 glove ports and entry/exit airlock, FlexiPharm is the ideal solution for small scale and single us applications.

The control philosophy consists of a simple fan speed controller with green and red zoned visual indicators showing pressure within the enclosure.

Design Advantages

Containment level


Based on task duration


240/ 110v

1ph 50/60Hz



Push-Push design

Design Advantages

  • To provide operator protection to <1μg/m³
  • Negative operating pressure to – 25pa/0.1”wc in the chamber
  • Low noise levels
  • Single chamber design complete with bag out port
  • 3 off connections for mechanical services
  • Isolator frame and optional table made from 304 stainless steel
  • Large zip on the main chamber for the loading of process equipment
  • Open loop control and green/red visual indication of isolator pressure and exhaust filter condition
  • Safe change H14 “push- push” exhaust HEPA filters within a stainless steel housing
  • 150mm / 6” Waste bag out port

Available Options

  • Alternative glove material
  • Bench mounted or supplied with a stainless steel table with adjustable support frame
  • IQ/OQ documentation
  • Marble base for scales
  • Gas tight zips
  • Weighing scales
  • Replacement enclosures
  • Replacement supply and exhaust filters
FlexiPharm Isolators

Customer Support

Customer Support

Our planned maintenance and re-certification package provides a scheduled visit to undertake a full range of testing to industry standards.

Service UK: +44 01484 354 499

Service Americas: +1 608-747-2482

Spare Parts Americas: +1 608-747-2475

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

Power supply 240/110v 1ph

50/60Hz 13Amp


Flexipharm Overall Width Overall Height Overall Depth Working Chamber Width
2 Glove 1380 - 54⅝” 900 - 2’-11⅜ 670 - 26⅜ 1000 - 39⅜
3 Glove 1880 - 74” 900 - 33⅜ 670 - 26⅜ 1500 - 59”
4 Glove 2380 - 93¾ 900 - 35⅜ 670 - 26⅜ 2000 - 78¾

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