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Filling Line Isolators

Filling line isolator
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Filling line isolators
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Extract Technology Filling Line Isolators are designed and manufactured to provide a controlled, aseptic environment in which the manufacture of compounded products would be performed, or alternatively an environment in which any form of filling, stoppering and capping machines together with their ancillary devices would be installed.

The operators control the loading/unloading of product and/or equipment, thus providing a defined barrier between the product, the operator and the surrounding environment.

The advantages of using Isolator technology for filling processes include:

  • Replication and control of the whole process
  • Creating a high quality product with total efficiency
  • Increased safety by reducing contamination risks (increased patient safety)
  • Cost efficient compare to a traditional clean room environment
  • Ergonomic design generated by the use of sloping operator interface panels, large oval PharmaPort gloveports (safe change)
  • EU GMP compliant design
  • Full process equipment integration within grade ISO 5 environment
  • Easier process separation
  • Different pressure regimes available within each chamber
  • Energy efficiency
  • Integrated Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination
  • Recirculation laminar flow airflow system providing ISO 5 classification