S Class Containment Isolator



  • Unique shape provides enhanced user ergonomics and operator comfort
  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Suitably sized to fit through standard double doors.
  • Space saving design - fits into corners, around pillars and other inaccessible areas.
  • Fully Manufactured from Quality Stainless steel
  • Inflatable seal mounted on the front viewing panel.
  • User Friendly Operator Interface via push buttons and magnehelic gauge.
  • Alarms package featuring audible and visual alarms.
  • Storage Racking integrated into the rear bulkhead of the isolator.
  • 4 off user service connections.
  • Siemens Logo controller.
  • Compact on-board technical area housing all controlling components.
  • Turbulent airflow regime utilizing HEPA filtration
  • Fixed speed velocity control
  • Due to being a stock unit the lead time is significantly reduced.
  • Self-contained solution with “plug and play” versatility
S Class Containment Isolator
S Class Containment Isolator

Hinged Viewing Panel

A hinged viewing panel formed from 25mm thick clear acrylic is mounted to the front face of the chamber via pharmaceutical grade stainless steel hinges.

The viewing panel is sealed to the chamber window aperture via an inflatable door seal housed within the acrylic window. The window seal will automatically inflate once the window is closed and can be deflated.

Glove Ports

4 No. 400mm x 200mm oval Ultem PharmaPorts are mounted directly to the viewing panel providing a crevice free internal finish.

Each PharmaPort incorporates a double groove mounting arrangement facilitating breach free changeover of gloves. The port design also includes an outer cover, which provides a mechanical seal via the clamping of the glove between the inner and outer elements of the port, eliminating the void normally found on a 2 piece glove port whilst also providing added mechanical protection by means of clamping the glove to the port.

Operator Gloves

Single piece 245mm diameter x 720mm long size 9 Tosoh (Hypalon substitute) ambidextrous gauntlets are provided to suit the above number of PharmaPorts.

Book a visit today to view the s-class isolator & see if this meets your requirements.

  • Note 1: if the desired process requires any modifications to be made to the isolator then these will be at the cost of the customer.
  • Note: 2 Due to being a stock unit the lead time is significantly reduced.

Technical Details

Technical Detail Rating
Lighting Levels: 1000LUX
Electrical Classification: The isolator is suitable for use within a safe area environment both internally and externally.
Airflow Turbulent airflow regime
Isolator Pressure Between -25 and -100 Pa pressure with respect to ambient
Fan Unit 0.75Kw Centrifugal Fan
Service Requirements (Electrical) 400v 3ph + N + E, 32amps
Service Requirements (Pneumatic) 80psig (5.5 bar) to 90 psig (6.0 bar), dry filtered air to 40 Microns, 50ltr/min

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