Mobile Automated Glove Tester


At the moment we have 4 off stock Mobile Automated Glove Testers available in stock; all of them can work with 1 up to 6 glove ports as per client’s requirements

Constructed in 304 stainless steel, the Mobile Automated Glove Tester is capable of testing 1 to 6 glove ports at one time with the full cycle taking under 5 minutes, increasing efficiency of production cycles.

Design Features

The unit creates a positive pressure inside each glove while monitoring the pressure via the PLC system. This happens simultaneously no matter how many glove ports are chosen for the test.

  • Significant time saving
  • Rapid Identification of leaks
  • Full PDF report of system validation
  • Pre-delivery Inspection Documentation
  • Pre-loaded parameters for differing glove materials
  • Programmable custom parameters to suit specific needs
  • Standardised system with off the shelf replacement spare parts
Mobile Automated Glove Tester

Technical details

Power supply

1PH 50/60HZ


Pneumatic supply

80psig to 90psig

80psig (5.5 bar) to 90 psig (6.0 bar), dry filtered air to 0.22 Microns

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